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What Debts Can’t Be Eliminated In Bankruptcy?

When considering bankruptcy, it’s important to remember that while not all of your debts can be cleared, narrowing your debt base to just the few that can’t be discharged will leave you in a dramatically improved financial situation.

Some of the more common types of debts that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy include:

Student Loans. You can pretty much count on student loan debts being there for you until you’ve paid them off or died.

Secured Debt. Cars, expensive electronic gear, and pricey jewelry all have a clear asset that can be collected if you default on the loan.

Child and Spousal Support. Declaring bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’re clear of obligations to your children and former spouse.

Legal fees or debts from an ex-spouse. Sorry, you can’t stick it to your former spouse with a bankruptcy filing.

Criminal Restitution. If you’re a felon, bankruptcy won’t discharge restitution you’re required to pay back as part of your conviction.

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