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What Happens At The Settlement Conference?

The settlement conference is an opportunity for a homeowner who is behind on his or her mortgage to sit down with officials from the mortgage lender and discuss the options available to cure the default.

A judge or hearing officer oversees the conference, which allows you to present documentation of your income and expenses, and any other information that might be useful in making a case to modify your loan or make a short sale.

In general, the outcome of the settlement conference will result in a loan modification, and agreement for a short sale, transfer of the deed, or a continuation of the foreclosure action.

Settlement Conferences are important events that can have long lasting implications on your financial standing, not to mention where you and your family live.

The Queens foreclosure attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can fight for you at the conference table and help get the best result possible for you.

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