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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys for Queens

If you have assets like a home, vehicles, and receive a steady income, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may not be an option for you. If you’ve fallen behind on your financial obligations because of job loss, medical expenses, divorce, or other reasons and need help, our experienced Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorneys can help you take charge of your future.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a way of restructuring your debt, and can also help you avoid foreclosure on your home. Often, periods of joblessness or other problems will force people to rely on credit cards to get by, putting even responsible and well-intentioned people into a vicious cycle of debt, interest, fees, and more debt. But if you’re reading this, you probably know that already.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a way out for you. Our attorneys can help you evaluate your options, and if Chapter 13 is the right call for your situation, we can help you develop a repayment plan and present it to the bankruptcy court. This will be based on your earnings and expenses, and if the court approves the plan, you’ll make one payment every month to what’s known as a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, who will then distribute the payment between your creditors.

If you’re dealing with harassing phone calls, multiple creditors hassling you day and night, and threatening letters, Chapter 13 can put a stop to that and consolidate all the payments you’re juggling into a single, more affordable payment. Most Chapter 13 plans run from three to five years, so rather than spinning around on the debt merry-go-round for the next few years, Chapter 13 gives you a chance to sit still, keep your home, and simplify your debt relief process.

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorneys in Queens offer a holistic approach to your financial problems. We ensure that your property and assets are protected, and may be able to roll past due mortgage payments into your repayment plan, which can keep you in your home. We can also work with the court to roll your legal costs – the costs of declaring bankruptcy – into the plan too.

And once your plan has been approved by the court, your creditors have to stop harassing you, debt collection efforts have to end, and any lawsuits that may be pending related to your past due accounts must stop.

There are significant consequences to bankruptcy, of course, and we’ll go through the ramifications of any kind of debt restructuring plan with you so you can make the best decision for your situation. But for many of our clients, the opportunity to finally sleep at night without threats hanging over their heads, or to turn the ringer on their phones back on after months of watching debt collector numbers pop up on the caller ID from early in the morning until late at night, is worth the repercussions of filing for bankruptcy protection.

If you’re swimming in debt and wondering how you’ll keep your head above water, please call our Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorneys today at (718) 599-1111. We’re friendly professionals who’ve worked with hundreds of clients just like you to help them get clear of debt and move on with their lives.

You don’t have to keep hiding from your creditors or fearing every trip to the mailbox. Call (718) 599-1111 today for a free, no obligation consultation with a Bankruptcy and Foreclosure expert right here in Queens.