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Considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Queens?

Let our experienced bankruptcy lawyers help you decide what your best bet is for finding financial freedom.

Despite what you may have heard, bankruptcy isn’t as simple as having a court declare your debts invalid and then having poor credit for a few years. There are different types, though the simplest and fastest form of bankruptcy is referred to as Chapter 7.

Sometimes referred to as “straight bankruptcy” or “liquidation,” Chapter 7 is the preferred option for people with few assets and lots of unsecured credit (like credit cards). Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy means that debts will be discharged within 4-6 months.

Are you eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While Chapter 7 may be the quickest option available to you, not everyone is eligible. There are means tests and income requirements, and if you own property, there are specific protections under New York law that may help you keep them. When you contact our Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorneys at (718) 599-1111, we’ll ask the right questions so you can know quickly whether Chapter 7 is for you, and what other steps may need to be taken in your case.

Our friendly, professional attorneys work with you. We can help if you’ve been subjected to harassment from creditors and threatening letters or phone calls. When you work with our Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorneys, we:

  • Stop the creditor harassment
  • Work with your mortgage lender to stop or delay foreclosure
  • End wage garnishments
  • Stop repossession
  • Fight lawsuits you may be facing for debt collection
  • Eliminate your unsecured (credit card) debt

If you’re reading this page, it’s probably time to call a Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorney so you can start to get your life back. No one chooses debt, and every day, good people face challenges like job loss, medical bills, divorce, and other life events that can turn everything upside down.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Call (718) 599-1111 today. The call is free, and we’ll start right away with making the phone calls stop, ending threats of repossession or foreclosure, and determining the best path forward to discharge your debt and get you started fresh.

Bankruptcy isn’t something anyone relishes, but it’s a valuable tool in ensuring that people can recover after a bad financial event and go on to achieve in life. The sooner you begin the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 process, the sooner you’ll be able to move forward with goals like home ownership, starting a business, or just finally having enough extra money to start saving for your kids’ college education. Call (718) 599-1111 today and let us help you get back to financial freedom.