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You Can Fight Foreclosure In Queens

We can help. We’re Bankruptcy and Foreclosure experts who fight for clients like you every day, right here in Queens.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your mortgage, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a lot of politicians and CEOs spent the last decade or two making very bad decisions, and when the bill finally came due, all of us got stuck paying it. Everyone has been affected by the foreclosure crisis, from homeowners who’ve lost their most important asset to the communities now filled with vacant homes and vastly decreased tax revenue, meaning fewer teachers, cops, and firefighters.

It’s one of the most serious problems the country is facing today, but if you’re fighting to keep your home here in Queens, it’s the most important thing in your life right now. We are experienced Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorneys, and when you’re ready to stop fighting alone, call us at (718) 599-1111 to learn what options you have and how we can help you stay in your home.

Just like there are a lot of reasons people fall behind on their payments – from unemployment to medical expenses to divorce, and more – there are a lot of strategies we can help you with to push back against your mortgage company and keep your family in the home you’ve made together. Depending on your circumstances and your mortgage lender’s willingness to work with you, we may be able to simply negotiate a modification to your existing mortgage so you can get caught up and better afford payments in the future. This usually results in an increase in the term of your loan, but ends the immediate danger of losing your house.

Another option worth considering, especially if you’re wrestling with other debts along with your mortgage, is bankruptcy. Whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is appropriate has to do with many factors, but our attorneys have helped many, many clients through the bankruptcy process. If bankruptcy protection is a good choice for you, we are ready and able to develop a repayment plan for Chapter 13 protection (which would include the past due portion of the mortgage), or a Chapter 7 settlement that eliminates credit card and other unsecured debt, making it easier to afford your mortgage payments.

If your home is already in foreclosure, litigation may be needed to stay a foreclosure sale. Our attorneys have successfully defended many clients against mortgage lenders, and know how to use the process – discovery, motions, and settlement conferences – as an adjunct to other actions that can keep you in your home.

And there are even more options to consider as we help you get a handle on your mortgage problems. If you have equity in the house, refinancing it may be able to provide you with funds you need to catch up. If you’d rather be finished with the process and start over elsewhere, a short sale may be a good option, and we can negotiate with the lender to get them to accept the lesser amount.

You’re undoubtedly stressed out and probably feeling pretty bullied right now. We understand. We’ve worked with lots of people right here in Queens who’ve been facing the same problems, and we’re proud of our record of keeping people in their homes and helping them bring their debt under control. If you’re ready to put the bad behind you and start fresh, call a Queens Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorney today at (718) 599-1111.